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High Risk / Impact Species

In addition to the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 - Annex 2 (Part 1) list, Biodiversity Ireland also maintains a list of 'non-native' alien invasive species, classifying the risk and impact posed by non-native species in Ireland as 'high risk / impact' and 'medium risk / impact' together with an additional 'watch list'. Click here to learn more about Biodiversity Ireland's assessment process.


Japanese Knotweed Killers have conducted extensive research and collected detailed information to produce guides for all non-native plant species introduced accidentally or deliberately into the wild where they are not normally found. 


Non-native invasive species often out compete native species for natural resources causing adverse impacts on the environment.


Alien invasive species can also have significant impacts on conservation and economic interests and may in some cases pose threats, directly or indirectly, to human safety.


Reversing the damage of invasive species is a significant land management issue for public authorities as well as for private landowners and can be a costly and labour intensive exercise.


Is Having An Alien Invasive Species On My Property Illegal?

Generally having any invasive species listed under annex 2 of the S.I. No. 477/2011 - European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011, on your property does not break the law. However, removing it and preventing contamination of neighbouring properties is the owner's responsibility.


Allowing any recognised (currently 35 - see below) invasive species to spread outside your property is another matter.... You could be liable for damages, legal costs and remedial costs if you allow an invasive species onto your neighbour's property or public / local authority area.

What are High Risk / Impact Alien Invasive Plant Species?

Non-native plant species subject to restrictions under EC Regulations 49 and 50


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