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Japanese knotweed is a non-native invasive weed and can cause extensive damage to buildings and structures.

Allowing any regulated invasive species to spread outside your property is illegal and can lead to prosecution.

There are currently 35 invasive plant species listed in the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations (annex 2, Part 1)

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Herbicide Spray / Stem Injection - Soil Sifting - Root Barriers - Capping - Excavation - Bunds - Incineration - Non-Chemical Treatment - Management Plans - Japanese knotweed Sniffer Dog Detection - Drone Surveys - Biodiversity Plans - IAPS Surveys - Soil Testing - Monitoring - Invasive Weed Removal Training - Contaminated Waste Materials Transport and Disposal

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We provide the most comprehensive Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS) removal solutions available in Ireland, UK and Mainland Europe.

  • Over 24 Years Experience

  • Fully Qualified Expert Team of Ecologists, Specialists and Botanists Providing Effective Solutions for Your Site

  • Free IAPS Identification Service

  • Site Surveys

  • Specialist Knotweed Sniffer Dogs

  • Contaminated Soil Tests W.A.C. and C.E.M.P. Reports

  • Contaminated Waste Materials Transport and Disposal

  • Remediation and Management Plans

  • Root Barrier Membranes

  • Excavation, Deep Dig and Soil Sift

  • Licensed Landfill Disposals

  • On-site Incineration Services

  • Specialist Herbicide Treatments

  • Chemical Free Treatments

  • Environmental and Biosecurity Reports & Plans

  • Site Monitoring

  • Dedicated Project Managers for Each Project

  • All Projects Followed by a Full Validation Report

  • 24hr Nationwide Responsive Service

  • All Work Fully Guaranteed

  • Full Training Programmes Provided

  • Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) Available 


Our team of experts will provide clear advice and support for all your IAPS removal or management and Control needs, including:



Invasive, non-native weed specialists with over 24 years experience in management, control and removal of Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam and other invasive plants in Ireland.


Fast professional service with fully qualified staff for any job, large or small.


Specialist commercial site development experts dedicated to land and building development projects.


Invasive Weed Management Services Include:-

  • Surveys and Reports

  • Sniffer Dog IAPS identification

  • Drone Surveys

  • WAC Testing

  • Biosecurity Reports and Plans

  • Management Plans

  • Invasive Species Identification and Treatment Training

  • Stem and Root Injection

  • Chemical Free Treatment

  • Membrane Barriers

  • Bunding

  • Soil Sifting

  • Herbicide Application (spray & stem injection)

  • Excavations

  • Licensed Landfill Disposal

  • De-contamination of Soil

  • Waste Removal, Transport and Disposal

  • Incineration

  • Monitoring and Management

  • Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG's)

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