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Winter Is Coming!

With winter fast approaching, some of our customers have been asking "is it to late to be treating knotweed?"

The simple answer is no. However the type of treatment will change depending on the time of year the maturity of the plant targeted, together with the local conditions. For example, if the plant is located close to a water source (rivers, springs and wells etc.) the use of herbicides is a definite no-no.

During the winter months, knotweed will be dying back above ground and rallying for fresh growth in the spring. So stem and root injections are still an option between November and March.

Excavation is always an option all year round, but can be more difficult to manage during the winter due to wet ground and frost. If you are considering excavation, it is vital to ensure no contaminated soil accidently leaves the site on vehicle tyres of muddy boots!

Our advice is to consult an expert before you dive in with any invasive species clearance work. It is always better to get professional help when planning a clean-up operation. Remember, it it is an offence to cause the spread of any invasive species listed on

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