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Chemical Free Weed Removal

Unable or unwilling to use herbicides to eradicate weeds on your site?

Using unique, weed control technology, Japanese Knotweed Killers can provide weed control services and equipment that eliminates the need for herbicides. We can deal with any weed species fast and effectively.


Chemical free treatments are ideal for eradicating weeds from water treatment sites, reservoirs and other sites sensitive to chemical weed control or where herbicides are prohibited.


How does electrical weed treatment work?

High energy electricity boils weeds inside out from the root upwards. 

By applying a controlled high voltage to weeds, our machine uses the plant's natural conductivity to distribute an electrical charge and super-heat the entire plant. The process literally evaporates the moisture, bursting the cells and killing the weed instantly.

By adjusting the settings and using the correct wand tip, any weed of any size can be eradicated quickly and safely without the need for expensive and dangerous chemicals.

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